How to reprogram your mind


Why was I getting the same results in my life? That was the question that stirred in my soul and sent me on a journey, which transformed my life. 

I am not sure who said, but it goes something like this, you cannot use the same thinking that got you into the problem. You have to think in a different way.  I write about this process in my new book, which I am currently editing. The book is called “Anything is Possible.”

We are in many ways the sum total of our habits. Habits are a good thing because they enable the brain to take a break from thinking. However, the brain typically will use that time instead to fill your thoughts with chatter. Chatter is not anything useful, but rather it is immersed in judgment. The judgment is either about you or another.

However, let’s be real for a minute and consider that when we judge we actually are judging ourselves. It is not about the other person, but about our own thoughts of unworthiness. Events and situations always fit into our story about us. I was not good enough to be this or do that thus we live our lives based on a story that we believe.

Where did the story come from? It came from our past, the experiences, the programming from our youth. It meshed into what we believe about us. We have searched for ways to prove to ourselves that the story is true. When something happens (good or bad), we use it to say, ‘Ah, see here, every time.’ We want the story to be true because the opposite is for us to have faith and step out and do the thing.

If I can stay here in my comfort zone and provide myself with all the reasons not to do something then I will not fail. The story only has the power that we grant it. We give it the power because the programming we grew up with demands it. But how do we begin a new story?

The new story starts when we decided that our program is not helping us. Sure, it helped us through most of our lives, but it is not supporting us in truly living the life we want. If we do not develop a vision of the future for ourselves then we are doomed to live out our false narrative.

Create in your mind a vision of your future. Then write it down and surround yourself with people who will support you and positivity. I created a vision board and when I gaze upon it each day I am reminded of where I want to go and the reason I am doing what I am.

What do you want your life to look like? Who do you want to be? How do you want to live? All of these questions are the first step in helping you reprogram your mind. Once you established what that looks like the next step is choosing thoughts your thoughts that will support the life you have created.

This is the tough step because in many ways we are almost addicted to the negative. For good reason, the negative thinking has kept us alive, yet it also keeps us stuck where we are. Thoughts are things. If you are willing to create a morning routine to empower your thinking then you will begin to transform your thoughts and your path to reprogramming your mind will be easier.

It took me a few years and I have my hiccups along the way. It happens. I move on faster than I did before. I used to make myself feel guilting, but there is use for guilt. All guilt does weigh me down. I forgive myself and I move forward. What would you like your life to be like?

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