How to Deal with Depression


A few years I found myself depressed. It took me a long while to get through it and I share in this post a strategy I used. 

Depression is not feeling sad although you may feel sad. The best way I heard it described as utter hopelessness, a feeling of nothing. I think that accurately portrays it in my opinion. However, you want a more technical explanation or diagnosis then you should consult your care physician.

I experienced much change in my life around the time of my depression. We had moved from California to Austin, Texas. I had quit my job or if you will I was told I was being let go and had been given about a year to get another job. The move was needed, but shortly after the move the depression set in as I found it difficult to get another job.

To make matters worse I used alcohol to cope with my problems. I regularly found it extremely hard to get out of bed in the mornings. My lack of a career enhanced the struggles in my marriage, which led me further down the pit of depression. I was sad, but I had never before experienced hopelessness.

What pulled me out of my depression? I remembered a book I bought in college called As a Man Thinketh by James Allen. When I read these words my whole paradigm shifted, You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you. I dropped the book and began to think about everything that had happened in my life.

I was responsible for the way I felt and what I thought about. Therefore, I decided I would change it. I used the strategy of gratitude to pull me out of the pit. The more thankful I was the more my mood shifted and my demeanor was focused on the blessings I had. Every day and several times a day I would stop and find something to be grateful for.

Over time, the black cloud hanging over me parted and the sun was let in. If you are feeling depressed then please consult your doctor. You should not feel ashamed of being depressed. It is a serious issue and talking about can help you. Talking to your doctor can help find a good treatment course of action.

Gratitude can make a huge difference and help pull the focus off of you to how much you do have. For me that was the strategy that made all the difference.

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