How to sustain a positive attitude


There is a great benefit to a positive attitude, but how can we stay positive when so many things around us are negative? 

The lifehack is this, find something to be thankful for. In that moment of news that may not be what you want to hear, find something or someone to be thankful for. What that will do is break the cycle or snap you out of the negative trance that can happen.

It is easy to hear bad news and dwell on it and then that negative news creates negative thoughts. Those thoughts create more thoughts and then your attitude shifts to negativity. Once that happens you find yourself in a bad disposition. Sometimes this can create anxiety or depression in us because we can become fixated on the bad news.

I carry a rock around with me to remind myself to be thankful throughout the day. Gratitude protects a positive mind and empowers a positive beingness. Pick something at the start of each day to remind yourself to be thankful. So when you get stuck in traffic you can glance at the object and remind yourself all what you are thankful for.

Happiness is something that is work and gratitude is an ally to your happiness. The key to change is in making the small changes because they will in time equal big results. Therefore, just picking an object to carry with you to remind you to be grateful is a small change you can make.

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