How to have Confidence

Would you like to be more confident? Confidence is key in anything we do. I share about it in this video.

Confidence is something people see in us when we believe in ourselves. It is an inner hope that things will work out. Arrogance is an unhealthy view of one’s self. Confidence is not arrogance because it does not result when we hurt others. A confident person believes in themselves and that belief leads them to take action.

A confident person can make a mistake and not beat themselves up. Failure or mistakes are a natural part of life. Beating yourself up over a mistake is more about an ego that needs to be checked. Ego says ‘if I had just done it this way then…’ Even if you did do it the way your ego thinks it should have been done, the fact that the ego is suggesting another way means it needs to be checked.

A confident person will not belittle others or treat others unfairly. An arrogant person must make others feel small because they thrive off the opinions of others. Whereas a confident person has a steadfast belief in themselves through a healthy perspective. Both contentment and happiness are byproducts of a confident person.

Would you like to be more confident? You can be. Start by changing the way you speak to yourself. If you have negative self-talk then your ego is out of control. The more positively you talk to yourself the more you begin to build a belief in who God has made you. All the confidence you will ever need is already within your soul, it just got stuffed down with all your negative self-talk.

Be you and everything will work out.

2 thoughts on “How to have Confidence

  1. Dan,
    Thank you so much for sharing this article. I actually have read much about how thin of a line arrogance and confidence is. I have wanted to be more confident in my life but I have been afraid to become arrogant which I do not want to be. Therefore, I seem to be more humble which can be seen as weak to many people. I know someone who is confident and I have been drawn to that person because of her confidence but it is more arrogant to me now because she thrives when something bad happens to another person. It makes her feel superior. She likes it when someone is weaker. The more bad a person is or seen to be by others makes her feel better. I am learning to be more confident in my life. Thank you for sharing, Jenny


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