Finding Gratitude in Criticism


It is possible to find gratitude in someone else’s criticism. However there are a few principles that are vital to having a grateful heart when a person criticizes. 

For much of my life I avoided criticism like it was the plague. To be honest I was like the quote up at the top. I did nothing. However, I have

  1. Expect that not everyone will like your perspective. You will not please everyone and that is not your job here on this earth. Some people don’t even like pizza and that is fine. We do not all have to agree and it is one of the beautiful aspects of being human.
  2. Decide whose opinion is more important. Opinions are like noses, everyone has one.  If you spend your time worrying about what someone else thinks then are living life? The most important opinion is the one you have about you. For a long time I had an ‘I am unworthy’ opinion about myself. Therefore, everyone else’s opinion mattered to me. I had to make a decision that they I was going to live life and if that offended someone then that was their opinion.
  3. I did not like criticism because truthfully I was already critical of myself. Therefore, the way to move out of judgment is to move into gratitude. I started keeping a gratitude journal and the more I wrote that I was thankful for was the more I realized how much I was blessed. When criticism occurred it did not bother me, because of how thankful I was and am. I was no longer condemning myself. I was even able to find the criticism helpful.
  4. Decide it is feedback not criticism. We all need feedback, because how else can we grow? I am not here on earth to stay stagnate therefore, feedback gives me insight into how I can grow and possibly where to put my efforts.

Developing a grateful heart is the key to overcoming critical people. Thanks for reading.


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