Be Thankful for the Present and let the past stay there.


The present is all we have therefore, why waste our precious time on moments that are gone.

I have to admit this is something that I have struggled with most of my life. I don’t know about you, but I used to like to live in the past. I think, What could I have done differently? or I should have said this? or If I had only acted this way or What if I had known then what I know now. All of these thoughts and questions over the years have filled my mind. I have learned that the past is gone and will never be and the future may not happen the way my fear thinks it might. I only have right now. This moment.

You may know this however often the past creeps in like an unwelcome visitor who raids your fridge. Then the next thing you know your past is hanging out in your house again holding you hostage. Maybe you do want to move past it but you might feel that it is just apart of you now. How do we deal with the moments in our lives where a situation or individual triggers our past?

Here are some concepts I use:

  1. Be thankful for the present and the past. Your past, believe it or not brought you to this point in your life. Love it and be thankful for what it is teaching you now. It is possible your mind brought it up to for a reason. Discover what it is and be thankful.
  2. Life is a Journey. Life is not about who finishes first or who has the most toys or best retirement. It is about discovering or as I have heard it said, ‘To live is to learn.’
  3. You are not your past. Whatever your past is, it is over. You are not it. It does not define you, only you define yourself. It is your decision on what you wish each day to be.
  4. Meditate. Simply put get quiet and focus. When ghosts from your past creep in and start blaming you and condemning then shut them off by meditating. Meditation is about focus and allowing the mind to rest. When my thoughts take a negative turn that is my mind telling me it is time to meditate. It does not need to be thirty minutes or sitting crossed legged or even burning incense. It is clearing your mind of all thoughts.

Your past is over therefore, be kind to yourself now because it is all the time we have. Thanks for reading.

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