How Gratitude can Improve your Marrige


Gratitude in marriage can help transform your perspective on your spouse. 

For years my marriage was not going well. Sometimes it felt as if our lows were pits. A big reason for this was me. When I started to change then my marriage followed suit. Then when I started my gratitude journal, my love for my wife grew deeper.

All too often it is easy to focus on what someone is not doing rather than what they are doing. Maybe there are needs that have gone unmet for weeks, months, or even years. It can be easy to develop a bitter heart or a complaining attitude. However, complaining never motivated anyone to act.

At the heart of it your spouse is doing the best that they are aware of. If they knew of a different way to do things then trust that they would. This is where going to counseling can give insights into the ‘why’ they are and why they act accordingly. Their actions or inabilities come from somewhere deep within their soul.

The important aspect to remember is daily remind yourself of your love for them. I do this by simply stating each day how grateful I am for her and I get specific about the ‘what’. In times when I get annoyed and lose sight I bring myself back to how grateful I am. The more you practice gratitude with your spouse the more your perspective will change. The perspective will help you to know how blessed you really are.

Gratitude gives perspective, which yields a change of attitude that will lead to better actions.

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