Gratitude in Life’s Lessons


Gratitude provides us with perspective to enjoy the lessons that life provides us.

Perspective is something that can be obtained easily however, it can be elusive because it   does not involve the ego. Gratitude is the key to disabling the ego. Sometimes perspective can be won due to experiences that life provides, yet this is not the only way. Perspective is the ability to step out of your view to witness the world in a different point of view. Often it is like the cliche to ‘walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.’

What I found when I was thankful was that it subdued my ego and granted me access to perspective. When I found perspective then I realized that I judged less and was grateful for feedback. My ego was sensitive to feedback because my issue was that I felt judged often. Now I realize my issues was rooted in the fact that I judged others and in turn I judged myself.

The cycle was broken with gratitude. I find that there is always a lesson in life if I am looking for it. One of the secrets of this life is that we are all teaching one another. Whether we realize it or not at the time. We are providing lessons of to do or not to do. It is perspective that enables us to understand the lesson.

If you find yourself in a predicament then consider being grateful for it because it is meant to help you become aware of something. Before you become angry at your child or an individual stop and ask yourself what they are teaching you in that moment. Perspective empowers us to become more conscious and understand the lesson.

Thanks for reading.

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