How Gratitude can Change your Finances


Can gratitude change our finances? Or is it something a person does to not deal with reality? 

I have seen in my own life that gratitude has transformed my personal outlook on events, experiences, and relationships. I was curious if it could change the area of my finances. Every day I write in my journal ten things I am thankful for and I can honestly write that it has made a huge difference in my life.

First glance it might be easy to say a resounding ‘No!’ to the question. How could giving thanks produce a higher income or put more money in your pocket? Here is the rub a perspective of poverty versus one of abundance produce different results in our lives. I grew up with not having much and I took that same philosophy into my marriage and career. My thoughts of lack produced just what I thought in everything I touched.

I took up journaling because enough people recommended it. Now I am not writing that you can journal your way into a fortune. Yet being thankful what you already have gives you the perspective of how abundant you really are. Moving from a poverty mindset to an abundant one has empowered me to not only witness God’s blessings but also encouraged me to think about other possibilities to earn extra income that I would never have considered before.

Most mornings I will journal how I am thankful that God has provided enough money for me to pay my bills. Each month it is amazing to watch God provide. Thankfulness costs us nothing whereas a negative attitude is costly. Negative attitudes never produce good in our lives, they always bring more negativity.

There was a study done that showed that people who have an attitude of gratitude are more likely to get a job than people who are not. Why? It’s psychology. We are naturally attracted to people who have a thankful heart rather than those who complain. Have you ever been around a person who complained all the time? I have and after awhile it gets old and even brings you down.

Having an attitude of gratitude in your finances may not necessarily put more money in your pocket but it will empower you to think of the possibilities that are at your finger tips. Essentially you will be encouraged to do things and take steps towards goals than you would if you stayed with the negative attitude. A complaining money conscious attitude thrives off the fear that we feed it. Develop an attitude of gratitude and you will be surprised at how the world opens up.

An easy step tomorrow is write down 10 things you are thankful for. It’ll probably take you a whole 5-10 minutes depending on how fast you write. Then notice your perspective throughout the day. If you like the result then do it again the next day. You’ll be surprised how your world can change with thankfulness.

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