My Gratitude Rock


A Gratitude Rock is a reminder to be thankful and to adjust my thinking.

Almost two years ago I made a commitment to only think positivity. I realized that I had a tendency to dwell on negativity. It makes sense because my mind wants to naturally drift there because that was the thinking I grew up with. Negative thinking only breeds more negative thinking and that will give us bad results in our lives. Why? It is what we are focusing on. We receive what we focus on.

As a kid I felt much judgment in my life and my world reflected that. It seemed as if nothing I did was right and the more I pondered judgment the more I found it in my life. I experienced this again in my second stop at a church I worked at in California. I talk about this experience more in depth in my new book The Power of Ownership (see link below to get a free copy). The more I dwelt on what I did not want the more I received it. As the saying goes, “Everywhere you look, you will see what you are looking for.” If you are looking for something to be thankful for then you’ll find it. If you are looking for someone to judge or to be judged then you do not have to look far.

The Way to Move out of Judgment is to move into Gratitude.

Recently I found myself wanting to dwell on negativity. It was my old way of thinking that was creeping in. I decided to pick up a small rock and use it as a reminder to always be thankful and to bless others and circumstances. I realize a gratitude rock is not a new concept, but my simple act of picking up the little stone has made a huge difference. I carry it with me wherever I go and it reminds me to give thanks.

I encourage you to find your own ‘Gratitude Rock’ and carry it. Let it serve as a reminder that in whatever situation to give thanks. Also check out this great ‘Free’ read on Amazon. Thanks!

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