Starting the New Book


I have started a new book that I am calling You are Beautiful. It is a book about releasing weight.

I am about 4,000 words into the new book, which equals to about 14 pages. Recently I told someone about this idea of a weight loss book and their response was ‘why don’t you write a spiritual book?’ I was not surprised by the response, but came back with that it is all connected and our spiritual lives have everything to do with our ability to release weight.

I want to make this very clear, there is no size that you must be, but just be you. I can hear the question, ‘But Dan you said this is a weight loss book?’ Yes, it is and through the book I show you how you can lay those emotional burdens down. In doing that you will find the most beautiful person…yourself.

I’ll be blogging more as I continue to write this book. I have found myself tearing up I write it. I did not understand the emotion that I would experience of it. I hope it will be a blessing to you when it comes out because I have been blessed.

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