Stress is Not Real


Stress is not real. Yes that is correct and not a misspelling or click bait. It does not exist. I’ll explain below why it is true. 

I know what you are thinking, ‘Dan how can you write that stress is not real?’ It feels real and at this point someone might point to their job and talk about all the stresses from it. Or it could be a relationship you are in and there is so much stress because finances are tight or you might even feel as if one spouse is not meeting your needs romantically. Whatever stress you think are feeling is real right now let me tell you that it is not real.

The reason why stress does not exist is because it is masquerading as fear. Stress is in reality fear. If you want to stop “stress” then ask yourself what is it that you are really afraid might happen. When I have felt “stress” it was because I was afraid something might happen and of course the thing I feared never did. I “stressed” myself out for nothing.

Most of my stress or stressors revolve around a false belief I had when I was a boy, which was that “I was not good enough.” When traced my back all the times I was stressed it revealed to me that I was afraid to fail. I was not good enough therefore, I developed a fear of public speaking. When I did speak I would feel the stress. It took practice, but I was able to get past the fear and stress.

Stress is a serious matter because it can cause physical harm. People have died due to the affects of stress. It is why James Allen said in his book, As a Man Thinketh, that fear has been known to kill a man faster than a speeding bullet. May be your situation is dire and you think there is no way out. My friend, there is and stress does not have to be apart of your life. You can live the stress free life that God has created you for.

How do we stop the stress or fear? Here are some simple steps I use.

  1. Know that what you are feeling is not stress but fear. This is an important one.
  2. Ask yourself why you are afraid. What event from your past is this stress connected to. You may have to map out your life with events to connect the dots.
  3. I think about the worst thing that could happen. I am reminded of
  4. I remind myself of God’s love for me. I fill my heart with love, because the bible says in Romans that ‘perfect love casts out fear.”

I’ll be honest with you that is can be difficult, however, it takes being self-aware of the moments in our lives to remember these new habits. You had a lifetime of living in stress now it is your opportunity to live in love.

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