What a Pen had to say about Me


Our world is a reflection on what is going inside of us. The trick is for us to understand this and respond rather than just reacting.

I spent a year a year staying with my sister and her family as I went to college in Kentucky. It was a special time in my life that I got to share with them. They had a dog named Corky who was a shitzu breed. I latched onto Corky and we became best friends. Often I was the one who had to give him a bath.

I would dry him and spray him with Calvin Klein’s Eternity. I rarely wore it and figured my bud would at least need to smell good. However when I would pick up the cologne for myself I had an adverse reaction to it. It reminded me of Corky and that was not the smell I was going for.

The brain is an interesting part of us because it processes much information rapidly. Often when we arrive meet a new situation our brain will reach back to any experience that we had from our past. It does not even if the past experience is nothing close to the new one. The brain does not understand this because one it’s jobs to do is process information for us on how to experience the situation at hand.

Case in point recently I found a pen that I had thought I had thrown out. It had at one time been my favorite pen however through a rough experience I associated the saying on the pen with that negative experience. Hence I could barely look at the pen without having feelings of betrayal and anger well up inside of me. Therefore, a few years ago I thought I tossed it away, but alas I did not.

The pen is just a pen no matter what the inscription on it is written. The pen is neither right or wrong it just is. I was the one who associated it with the experience that I believed at the time was a negative one. In fact, as I reflect on that experience it was not a negative experience at all but was working for my good all along. I was the one who made it wrong.

Today I use the pen almost daily and it has found a comfortable place on my desk. I explore this topic more in my new book The Power of Ownership, which I am wrapping up this week. Below are a few sayings I repeat to myself that I have found helpful and have guided me.

  1. I am not a victim I am a victor. This was a huge statement I said to myself because I realized I lived a life that was out of control. I thought I was a victim but that was not what God made me to be.
  2. Every experience has the meaning that I choose to give it. Experiences are just what they are. It is what it is. I am the one who decides if something is right or wrong. Often I lived a life that would make those wrong who I was around. I would separate and then be agitated by the individual.

I go more in depth in the new book coming out. Also this is a good time as any to let you know that in September I will be starting a podcast. This will be an opportunity for me to encourage you on your journey through this thing called life. God Bless.

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