What is True Beauty


What is fat and better yet what is skinny? We live in a world where labeling people, things, and situations is common place. However this “labeling” does not appear to be working in culture.

A former student of mine posted a picture on Instagram declaring themselves fat and they were embracing it. They posted the picture as a means of empowerment and embracing who they are. I understand this an applaud the sentiment. They are a beautiful person the way they were made as well as who they are.

However, my question was who told this person that they were “fat”? Furthermore, who is the judge of what is skinny? Is it Social Media? Models? Advertising? Hollywood?Culture? The problem with labels is that they do not accurately portray who we are and in fact reduce us to a limiting description. In my opinion labels are destructive.

We live in a world where people will “fat shame” another or even “skinny shame” individuals on social media. However criticizing a person for whatever size they happen to be is not just ignorant but destructive. Critical people are often most critical of themselves. The negative comments from an individual to another is related to what that person thinks about themselves rather than the person they are “criticizing”.

It goes back to what Jesus said in Matthew  22:39 “Love your neighbor as your self.” If you do not love you then how can you love any one else? Let’s face it you will be spending your entire life with yourself so you might as well love who you are.

There is no “fat” and there is no “skinny” there is only beauty because you, me, and everyone in the world were beautifully created. We are created in God’s image and God does not create junk. Personally fat or skinny do not mean anything because you are not a size or description but you are you. God made you beautifully just the way you are.

The world would be a drab place without your beautiful self bringing who you are to it. What is true beauty then? True Beauty is you being you. Know this and accept yourself. God already has.


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