Small Decisions equal Big Results


Decisions equal our destiny.  It is about designing our lives not allowing it to happen.

Let’s pretend that I gave you and a friend the choice of either taking 3 million dollars or choosing a penny. The obvious choice would be the 3 million dollars. But what if the penny would double each day for 31 days. Would that change your mind?

If you took the 3 million dollars then you know that it’s a safe bet. But by taking the penny it is a risk because how much can a penny really double in 31 days? After five days the penny would only be 16 cents. It is not looking like a good decision eh? However after 10 days the penny would be $5.12. Still the penny is not doing much. Then 20 days the penny would then be over $5,000. Yeah it still does not appear to be a good decision to take the penny. Yet at 31 days the penny would have accumulated to over 10 million dollars. While either way you and your friend are millionaires, you might have the feeling you missed out because you took the 3 million dollars.

I believe it is not the big decisions that we make in life equal the big results, but rather the little choices that make each day that impact our destinies. Think about what you would love to do in your life. Do you have a picture of it? Does it seem like a distant dream? Well it’s not. Every dream is huge until you break it down into smaller steps that are achievable goals.

The Law of Compound Effect says that if we do anything consistently then it will eventually pay off in an enormous way. The big choices we receive in life have a foundation of much smaller choices that we make each day. Your daily or morning routine is a small choice that has a ripple effect throughout your day. Don’t believe me? Well then change one thing about your morning routine like get up 5 minutes earlier and spend that time going through all the things you have to be thankful for. I will guarantee that it will change your mood when you realize how blessed you are.

In order to maximize the Compound Effect then we must order our day. You may not be able to control how circumstances play out but you can determine how you will respond.  For me I do a half hour of reading of some kind then I take 5 minutes to be quiet. I like to envision my day, I find this gives me confidence as I proceed.

What is your morning routine like? 

Each day is a gift that we have as an opportunity to live our purpose on this planet and to be the person that God has created us to be. Be mindful of the small choices you make because those are the ones that tend to shape our destiny.


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