How to Find Your Purpose


Does God have a plan for everyone’s life? If so how do we figure out what that is?

One of the best book I have ever read on the subject of God’s will is Gary Friesen’s book Decision Making and the Will of God. The book changed my life because it helped me to understand that God gives us great freedom. Friesen draws a circle and puts a dot somewhere in the circle and states that many have said that the dot is God’s will. If you miss the dot then you have missed God’s will. However, the reality is that God gives us amazing freedom to live and be who He has created us to be.

There is not a one right person for us to marry. 1 Corinthians 7:39b says, “But if her husband dies, she is free to marry anyone she wishes, but he must belong to the Lord.” Contrary to popular culture and even in some Christian circles there is a multitude of right people for anyone to marry. The whole “The One Right Person” it just something that is made for a Hallmark Movie or something with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in it.

What should we do for a job or career? Is there a certain field we should pick? There is but you are free to do and be who God has made you to be. That includes whatever field that interests you. James 1 tells us to pray and ask for wisdom when facing trials, however, when Solomon took over as King of Israel he prayed wisdom and God granted it to him and much more. Therefore, I would encourage you to pray and ask God for wisdom and He will give you it liberally.

These questions of what should I do? Who should I marry? What do I do with my life? They are all incredible questions and they are nothing that we should rush. The Question is part of the journey of this thing called life and we should embrace it. This is nothing to stress about. You may feel as if you need to give an answer or decide immediately however much of the hurry to make a decision is from us not outside circumstances. If it is from an outside source then that should tell us to not make a decision in that moment.

How do we find our purpose? This is a great question however it is better to be asked in these two ways: What makes you most feel alive? or Why are you on this planet for? The reason is greater than just a job or career you have. In fact, Career and life purpose have nothing to do with each other. The function of your occupation is to keep you occupied while you serve your life purpose.

Think about it, before you began your career you had a purpose and when you retire you will still have a purpose for being on this earth. Your job occupies your time while you serve your life’s purpose. Spend some time in the next few hours, days, weeks, or months and ask the question What is my purpose? Ask God for wisdom and search out the answer. I promise you this the answer will in time present itself to you. Each of us has a purpose because we are not here on this earth by accident. Therefore, search out your purpose and in doing so you will discover much more about God and your self.


2 thoughts on “How to Find Your Purpose

  1. Another great post!!! Where we went to college- that book was banned!! Believe or not! So incredibly sad they choose legalism over freedom in Christ! Very thankful I know what that freedom is now in my life!!! Praise Him!
    Love you!!


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