Freedom from the Critic within


The harshest critic of anything that we do is not a reviewer behind a desk in an office building nor is it the person who purchases things from Amazon. The harshest critic is the person we see in the mirror everyday. Unfortunately this critic in us says some of the most cruelest critiques to us and the sad fact is we believe them. For the longest time in my life I lived and died by my self-critic and the results that I received were of a timid way of living.

What is the critic? The critic is the little voice in our head who seemingly never has anything good to say. The critic is composed of past experiences, certain religious affinities, and the way we were raised. The critic is unique to each person, even in families because every child has a different experience. The critic might say, “Why would you do that? That is not who you are.” If we believe the critic then we stay where we are no room for trying something new or changing anything.

If I had an idea to do something I would doubt it, it was better to stay safe than step out and be sorry. I could not face the rejection or the words that my critic would say. However, this is no way to live. It is not that the critic is all terrible, because we need them when we are growing up, the only problem is that the critic stays child-like in their judgments toward us.

How do we find freedom? I now question my critic. I ask them to prove what they say is true. I find that my critic’s criticisms are baseless and come from some fear that I have. After awhile of doing this my critic’s voice is less apparent. Also I feed my soul with positive reinforcement. I understand that God loves me just the way I am therefore, I rest in that. It did not happen over night, it actually took a year of work to transform my thoughts. However, if I can do this then so can any one.


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