How to Punch Fear in the Gut


I love this Joseph Campbell quote because it says much truth about the way I lived my life. I was a dork in denial in high school, which is the worst. I lived my life then through fear and anxiety. James Allen once said that “Fear has been known to kill a man faster than a speeding bullet.” I was that man. However, when I decided to take the step into the cave I realized that all my fears and anxiety was foolish. The darkness was just the absence of light and the fear I had of whatever happening to me was a powerful belief that controlled my life.

Overcoming this was difficult, but well worth it. I am going to give you an exercise that I do whenever anxiety washes over me. I’ve used this exercise whenever I speak, because of my anxiety of public speaking. If it works on me then I know that it can work on you. I learned this exercise from Ashley James on the Elite Man Podcast with Justin Stenstorm. It is a truly excellent podcast and you should check it out.

Here is the exercise: close your eyes and think about whatever thing, or event that is giving you anxiety.  Now think of yourself 15 minutes after completion of said event or thing and picture yourself having been successful and accomplished. I use this right before I go on stage to speak.  I picture the outcome rather than the actual event. I imagine what people will say and ironically people have said to me the very words I imagined.  I encourage you to check this exercise out, because it will reduce the stress in your life.


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