My New Book Launches March 6th


What a difference a year makes! I struggled with anxiety and panic attacks all of my life. It was only a year ago that I was finally able to experience freedom in this area. I heard sermons on Sundays and attended conferences, camps and read books regarding this dilemma, yet like attempting to hold water in my hand I was left wanting.

God used a single bible verse to transform my thoughts over a period of time and my new thinking began to revolutionize my career, relationships, and opened my life to endless possibilities. I did not use over the counter drugs or anything of that type to receive the results. If it can happen for me then I know it can for you too.

On March 6th I will be launching this free book, because I desire for it to be blessing to any and all who read it. I just want to give back and share the knowledge that God blessed me with in my struggle.

Follow the blog in order to receive book updates on this title as well as to be informed of new material that will be released this year. God Bless.


Thank you,


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